COMMUTERS are being left frustrated once more this evening around the area of the Royal Bournemouth Hospital.

Hospital workers have contacted the Daily Echo as the rush hour gets under way.

One, who asked not to be named, said: “It’s a regular occurrence.

“I’ve been told there’s a problem along Barrack Road.

“I’ve been sat in my car and cannot get out of the car park and I have a nine-year-old I have to pick up from school.”

Dorset Police said it had no record of any incidents.

It is thought that the combined effect of roadworks at Barrack Road, which include a lane closure, and the closures of the Avon Causeway and Stony Lane due to flooding are to blame.

A spokesperson for Royal Bournemouth Hospital said: “We have held constructive meetings with the council and continue to work together towards both short and long term congestion solutions.”