RESIDENTS in Somerford are battling to get a new road named after a little girl who died in an accident on the estate.

Jade Stoner, seven, was killed following a collision with a car while playing near her home in Edward Road in 2006.

Her mum Debbie is joining with neighbours to request one of two roads on the new development at Scott’s Green is named after Jade.

The suggestion has already been put forward to Sovereign Housing Association, which is behind the 32-property development, but residents say they were told the road names had already been decided and that their request would not be considered.

Debbie said: “Sovereign didn’t even phone me to ask me how I felt about it. Since talking to the community and my friends it’s now escalated and everyone is in full support.

“There has been talk of doing some memorial for Jade, but a road name is permanent so, even after I’m gone, her name will live on.”

A Facebook page set up for the campaign attracted 600 members in just 24 hours and Jason Perry, who runs local community group Frogs, has also set up an online petition.

Roy Probert, public relations manager for Sovereign, said road names were finalised early to enable service connections at the site, and that Sovereign’s staff in Christchurch and the Somerford Design Panel, including representatives of local community groups and councillors, were asked for their suggestions.

He added: “A member of Sovereign staff did tentatively suggest naming a street after Jade, but it was felt that this would be insensitive.”

He said Sovereign was, however, open to commemorating Jade at the development and would be discussing this with Debbie and community representatives.