CYCLISTS and motorists were encouraged to keep each other safe at a special event in Bournemouth Square at the weekend.

Staff from Bournemouth council, safety campaigners from LV= Streetwise and Dorset Police officers manned a stall in the town centre on Saturday as part of initiative Look Out, which aims to promote safety on the roads.

Riders bagged themselves a free fluorescent rucksack and were given the opportunity to test how they would react to dangerous situations that they might find themselves in on the busyroads.

Advice was also given on the Highway Code, appropriate clothing and lights for cyclists and the benefits of wearing a helmet.

Evan Kitson and three-month-old daughter Esme stopped to have a look at the stall.

Evan, who cycles to work during the summer months, said: “I read an article in the Daily Echo about cyclists being stopped by police, and it made me think about my how I cycle to work.

“I then realised I had to sort my lights out after reading that.

“I think it’s important to be as safe as possible on the roads as a cyclist or a motorist.”

Tomasz Suszyna, 28, is currently training for a triathlon and stopped to get advice on bike safety.

“Anything that will make me more visible on the roads is great,” he said.

“I use my bike all the time, so it’s nice to speak to the people here about it.”

Sophia O’Sullivan, senior rights of way officer for Bournemouth Council, said: “It’s been absolutely brilliant today.

“The response has been really positive, and lots of people are stopping to talk to us.

“We’re delighted with how it’s gone and we hope it makes a difference for both motorists and cyclists.”

  •  THE Look Out campaign is part of Bournemouth Council’s Getting About travel programme and its aim is to promote cycle safety by encouraging road users to respect each other’s needs.

Brightly coloured posters have been placed at the side of major roads, on buses and on cars in council-run car parks and campaign messages are featuring in the local media outlets.

The campaign’s main message to cyclists is to be visible, indicate your intentions, follow the Highway Code and respect the needs of pedestrians.

Motorists are advised to always look twice for cyclists, indicate your intentions, respect the needs of cyclists and give them plenty of space.