TICKETS for AFC Bournemouth's FA Cup clash with Liverpool have now sold out.

The club said this morning that the final batch of tickets - 180 unclaimed season ticket seats - were sold in 15 minutes over the phone and internet.

AFC Bournemouth fans queued through the night to get tickets yesterday – but many were left disappointed.

Those hunting for tickets began waiting at the Goldsands Stadium and at the Bournemouth International Centre on Friday evening in a bid to secure a seat for the dream clash.

But thousands were left disappointed when they were turned away.

It is thought that 500 tickets were available at the stadium and 750 at the BIC. The final few tickets not claimed by season ticket holders went on sale at 9am today and are now gone.

Throughout, there were reports of the club’s website crashing and phone lines being jammed.

At the BIC, where the queue snaked around the multi-storey car park, some fans were left angry as they accused the club of moving the goalposts on eligibility.

They said they were told that a ticket for yesterday’s Championship game with Watford would qualify them for a Liverpool ticket, only to be told at the booth that was no longer the case.

Fuming Barry Clark, from Bournemouth, told the Daily Echo: “We went to the Burton game and I rang up and asked if I bought tickets for the Watford game would that qualify us for the database and we were told it would.

“I’ve been here since 4am and we got there and flatly refused because they changed the rules yesterday.

“Now they’ve offered us a refund on the Watford ticket.”

Kyle Seager, from Poole, was second in line with his friends, having queued all night.

But he was refused tickets and said: “I have a ticket for the Watford game and I went to the Brighton and Hove Albion game.”

However, many were left holding the prized tickets and departed happy.

Jay Carter, 10, from Iford, queued with his mum Zoe and brother Leo.

Jay said: “I’m really excited to see Liverpool. I think the game is going to be 1-1.”

Andy Saul, from Canford Heath, was first in the queue.

Before the barriers were opened, he said: “I’ve been here since 8.30pm last night.

“I wanted to get certain seats. I was sheltered, so it was alright. I went to Dean Court first and there was about 30 setting up tents.

“The person in the officer said the BIC was better because I wanted to get in the North Stand.”

Although Andy got a ticket for his son, it ended up being in the East Stand, he said afterwards.

At Dean Court, thousands were turned away after waiting for hours in the cold.

Adrian Winwood, 54, and son Daniel, 18, were first in the queue.

They had pitched their tent at 7pm yesterday night.

Daniel said: "It's been quite a good laugh.

"It'll be worth it to make sure we get tickets."

Andy Lord, 47, and Chris Gibbs, 27, met in the queue after arriving at 9pm.

Andy, of New Milton, said: "I'm coming back this afternoon for the match, but I really need to sleep at some point."

Kylie Stokoe, seven, sat in the queue with parents Clair and Wayne Persence, but the family were disappointed after being turned away.

Wayne said: "It's really frustrating.

"I'm gutted about it. We've been here since 7am, it's gone 9am now and we've only just been told."

Lorraine Ballantine, of Westbourne, added: "I've been here since 6am.

"We've just been told there's no way we're going to get tickets. It's absolutely ridiculous and it's been so badly managed."

Dennis Medlycott, 73, from Verwood, tried to get tickets on the phone.

He said: “I’m disabled with a large electric wheelchair and so I had to wait on the phones, as I

don’t have a computer, rather than queue at Dean Court.

He added: “I rang at about quarter-to-nine and then again at 8.55am and both times, it said that the lines were not open yet.

“I called again at 9am, where I was put on hold, and then when someone answered the phone at 9.06am, they said that all their allocation had gone, and they put the phone down on me.

“I am very concerned as to how this system is working. I don’t see how anyone could have got ahead of me when I called at 9am and yet six minutes later all the tickets had gone.

“I had already bought tickets for the Burton game, before it was announced that the Cherries were playing Liverpool, but I see that that counts for nothing.”

A club spokesperson said: "It's unfortunate, but we went on Twitter at 8am today to tell fans not to bother turning up as there were so many people waiting.

"We have tried to be as fair as possible about this - sadly, there were always going to be people left disappointed."

After the website crashed, stadium manager Liz Finney confirmed that tickets had been withdrawn from the internet to sell at Dean Court.

She said: "We are a bit overwhelmed here this morning by the response.

"There are more people here then we were expecting. There are only so many tickets and that means there is an extremely limited availability."

On the website on Friday it said: "Non-season ticket holders must have a league ticket booking history to purchase tickets for this game. Purchases will be checked retrospectively to ensure this criteria is met."