A CANNABIS farm with hundreds of plants was discovered by police when they swooped on a large Bournemouth house in a dramatic raid.

Officers were seen carrying clear bin bags stuffed full of marijuana plants from the property in Braidley Road at midday yesterday.

One man was brought out of the large detached home in handcuffs with a coat over his head during the raid at 1pm on Tuesday, January 14.

Police said a 33-year-old man from Bournemouth, who was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of drugs offences, had been released on bail until the end of March.

A 24-year-old woman from Loughborough in Leicestershire was also arrested in relation to the incident and has also been released on bail until March.

Inside the house officers found marijuana plants spread across several rooms, along with specialist lighting and fans for cultivation. The drama unfolded in an area full of substantial detached properties, a short way from Bournemouth Town Hall and not far from Meyrick Park.

Homes in the area have sold for more than £500,000.

Neighbours have reacted with shock at seeing the officers leaving the property carrying numerous bags filled with the class B drug. Terry Day who lives in a house opposite said: “I can’t believe we were living so close to a cannabis factory. We are in shock.”

His wife Elaine said: “A police car was blocking the drive of the house and it stayed there all night.

“We’ve noticed a few men have been coming and going from there recently.”

One resident said: “It’s absolutely disgraceful and I’m really shocked that there has been a drugs den in such close proximity to us.”

The police units that descended on the home included armed officers, although no guns were drawn and police said the armed response team was only sent because it was an available unit.