RED faced council staff got stuck in the sand as they supervised the clean up on Poole’s beaches.

The sand had blown up over the promenade and when a council car tried to drive along what should have been a hard surface, it got bogged down in the sand.

Fortunately there were enough staff on hand to push the vehicle free.

Simon Legg, streetscene operations manager, Borough of Poole said: “With the persistent severe weather our streetscene teams have been working 24/7 to minimise disruption to Poole’s residents.

“This includes removing fallen trees, clearing floodwater and making Poole’s beaches accessible. We currently have two tractors and an excavator working to clear sand from the promenade to ensure that pedestrians and cyclists can access the beaches.

“Our supervisors are carrying out daily rounds to oversee the work of staff and redirect resources where required.

“Unfortunately on this occasion while checking progress at the beach, their car got stuck in a damp patch of sand on the promenade. Staff managed to free the car quickly and resumed their normal duties.”