RESIDENTS at evacuated Iford Bridge Home Park yesterday said they wouldn’t want to live anywhere else – despite having to leave their homes twice in as many weeks.

Those living at the site, which was evacuated early on Christmas morning and then again last Thursday, are not likely to be able to move back in the end of the week, with Bournemouth Borough Council extending emergency accommodation for those not with friends and family to Thursday night.

Water levels are due to peak at 8am tomorrow.

Yesterday, the water had receded enough for people to at least get in and collect fresh clothes and other items – the site was the last place in the United Kingdom to be downgraded from a severe flood warning.

But those who have faced disruption say the community spirit of the park made it a great place to live and they would be laughing about it in the summer.

Speaking to the Daily Echo yesterday at Iford Baptist Church, which has been used as an emergency centre during the floods, resident Brenda Swain said: “It’s a lovely community to live in because everybody is so supportive of everybody else.

“If we won the lottery we’ve all said we wouldn’t move – not because of the view, but because of the community.”

Ken Ayres, who manages the site with wife Wendy, added: “The church has been a wonderful meeting place for people.

“We can’t protect this site, but we’re looking into grants for people to raise their homes.”

Wendy said the water levels were staying high because water from the Avon was affecting the Stour.

“It’s gone down enough for people have been able to get clean clothes and so on,” she said.

“The church has been absolutely wonderful. It’s been manned by residents all of the time, they’ve slept here,” she added.